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Hi! I’m Will, and I am a Qualified Behavioural Therapist, specializing in Personal Wellness & Mindfulness.

I am passionate about helping others to overcome their internal struggles, and enjoy helping my clients along their steps to achieving their goals, and living with a happier, healthier outlook. Private consultations available via skype or phone call.

Hamilton Therapy Services

Personal Consultation

Available over the phone, or on skype.

About William:

William Morales is a qualified Behavioural Therapist, Youth advocate and specialized support worker and holds the certification in Human Services with a concentration in Recreation and Leisure services from Mohawk College.

William specializes in applied behavioural analysis (ABA); community and sports Coaching; program implementation; behavioural plans and protocols and has successfully served a range of client, including Youth and Adults with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Bi-polar Disorder (BPD) and more.

Drawing on 9 years of experience in Tomorrow-Today Basketball Program coach and mentor, Community outreach representative for Mohawk College, as well as Child and Youth worker, William focuses mainly on Personal wellness and Mindfulness. William is available for private consultations, and reached at 905-516-3233 or email at [email protected]

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